Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Account to View Jobs and Edit Job Diagrams Only

New Features to Techforce Pro!

New Feature #1  Job Only Tech`

Techforce Pro's recent update introduced a new feature that allows you to add users to only perform jobs.  This can be useful for you to invite third parties, or add staff members who have restricted privileges.

When a user added as a "Job Only Tech" logs into, they can only see the Jobs link along the top.  When they go into their Jobs page, they will only see jobs assigned to them.

New Feature #2  Edit Diagrams from the Job

Previously, viewing jobs was only possible on the Techforce Pro Android App.  Now, going into a job through appears exactly the same as the mobile app.  In addition to this, you can edit the diagram from inside the job.  When you are done modifying the diagram, you are returned to the job.

Techs that can only see their jobs also have the ability to modify the diagrams.  This allows for the ability to have as-built diagrams.

That's it for this week.  Contact me directly at with any questions.

Ben Felda

Techforce Pro