Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Update: Give Me Some Slack!

The birds eye view of a wire run doesn't account for running up and down the wall, or running from one floor to another.  To accommodate this, there is a new input where you can type in a number to add to the calculated wire length.

Click on a wire to make it active, and enter a number into the "Wire Slack" number box.  Press the "Set" button to save the new value.  If you have split a wire into multiple wires, choose the wire with the length label and add slack to it.

With this new menu item, the wire menu started getting a bit crowded.  Some of the other menu items have been moved to a Wire Menu to the right:

This menu houses the "Split Wire", "Straighten", and the "Remove Wire" functions.

The tutorial videos have not been modified yet with this new layout but will soon.  We continue to add features so please keep the requests coming!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Feature Update: Add Pictures of Customer Systems through Techforce Pro Mobile

Whether you are a technician troubleshooting a customers issue, or a sales rep doing a walk through, being able to attach real pictures to systems you install is vital when troubleshooting and integrating a system.

Techforce Pro is now the only software available that makes adding pictures to a customers file an easy task.  Simply find the system on the customers floor plan, and take a picture.  The picture is immediately available to anyone else viewing the customer through Techforce Pro Mobile, or

First, find the system that you want to add a picture to.

In the section at the bottom, you can view existing pictures, or take new ones.

Clicking "Add Picture" opens the camera for you to take the picture.  Once the picture is taken, it is added to that systems pictures for viewing.

Clicking the picture thumbnail opens the picture full size for a more detailed view.

Open the system in and view the pictures there as well.

Sharing pictures has never been easier.  Seeing the system empowers your team to make better, faster decisions which ultimately makes for happy customers!