Friday, June 9, 2017

How Much Wire does a Job Need? Answered!

Techforce Pro has an awesome feature where you can set the scale of a floor plan and see the wire length of each wire run, even adding slack to the run to compensate for vertical runs and in-between floors.

But what about when you have to estimate how much wire the floor plan has all together, or for that matter, how much wire the customer has so you know how much to order.  Techforce Pro now helps out with this by adding up your wire runs per floor and displaying them at the customer level, and floor plan level.  Know exactly how much wire of a certain color is configured to be used for the customer when you are done creating your floor plans.

Now remember, Techforce Pro can only measure the wire run distance as the bird flies, so if you think there should be added slack to a wire length, be sure to add it.  And even with that, round up and add a bit to your order.  But this should give you a quick estimate to help out when you are ordering wire.

You will need to correlate the colors to a specific wire type, like using blue wire for CAT-5 or red for power.  Down the road we will be adding a means for setting different names to the colors to help out with this.