Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Feature Update: Share Floor Plans with Sub Contractors easily with Techforce Pro

Techforce Pro is a great tool for creating and sharing your wiring diagrams and customer floor plans with your staff.  But what if you want to share this information with a third party sub-contractor.  There is a good chance that your company isn't the only company on the job.  You can print up the pdf needed and email it to them, but it would be nice to share the customer floor plan with them the same way you do with your own staff.

Techforce Pro now lets you create a partnership with other Techforce Pro members of any subscription level, even the free version.  You send them a partnership request, and when they accept, you can share your customer information with them.

If you don't want them to have the ability to edit the information, you can give them read only access.  This will allow them to add pictures to wiring diagrams, and schedule their own staff for service calls for this customer.  They will not be able to edit the customer information including the floor plans, or wiring diagrams.

If you want them to create as-built diagrams, you can give them full access and they will be able to edit the customer information as though they were on your staff.

This feature is secure but still experimental, and is open for all to try out.  This is the first installment of many updates around this feature such as:

  • Only share your parts to be used in diagrams with your partners
  • Share service calls with your partners
  • Share the systems not in customer facilities with your partners (good for training and removes the need for manuals)
Let me know what you think and give me feedback on what you like/dislike.  

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  1. Techforce Pro update for sharing your customer floor plan layouts with sub-contractors. Great helper for this normally tedious task!